Website: Washington Commute Trip Reduction

Employers can reduce costs, absenteeism, and tardiness, and help protect the environment by encouraging employees to find alternatives to traditional single-vehicle commutes to the workplace. The Washington Department of Transportation's Commute Trip Reduction Web site promotes these alternatives by offering resources, promotional materials, and employer tools. Sections on biking, public transportation, ride sharing, compressed work weeks, walking to work, and working from home briefly describe each option and list other sources of information and assistance.

The site also gives a range of useful employer tools: information and an application for the Rideshare Subsidy Grant Program (for employers in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties only); the "Guide to Employee Surveys"; an "Employer Annual Report Form"; a SOV (Single Occupancy Vehicle) worksheet to compute how many employees must switch commute modes in order to meet SOV goals; and WSDOT's CTR Document Samples, including its "Telework Manual." Also find links to other organizations, such as the Washington State Ridesharing Organization, Transportation Choice Coalition, and Flexcar, Seattle's car-sharing program.