The average company could recycle half of the waste it produces. The environmental benefits seem obvious, but are businesses really considering waste reduction as a means to cut costs? The Xerox Corporation has, and this 155-page guide and accompanying workbook will help other businesses to do so as well.

Written in 1998, but still relevant today, this guide presents an 8-step method for establishing, implementing, and maintaining a waste-reduction program, especially in mid-size to large companies. Xerox has carefully considered the challenges of implementing a successful program and offers detailed suggestions for every step of the process: from organizing a waste-management team, to including waste-management information in employee training.

Learn how to assess current waste flow, evaluate local markets for recyclables, identify recycling opportunities for uncommon materials, and “close the loop” by purchasing recycled-content products. Each section includes checklists and refers to corresponding workbook pages. The workbook also provides a list of waste-exchange programs and environmentally preferable product suppliers worldwide.

The “Guide to Waste Reduction and Recycling” is undoubtedly thorough; download it and follow its steps to become a greener company.