This computer program helps companies to calculate the net costs or savings of recycling and waste-reduction activities. The Business Recycling Cost Model allows users to plug in basic information about their waste stream plus projected or actual costs for capital expenditures (equipment, containers, etc.) and maintenance (labor, etc.). The program calculates existing and new recycling rates, projected reductions in waste volume or weight, avoided disposal cost, net annual cost or savings, cost per ton for existing and proposed recycling programs, and waste generation rates.

The program allows for comparison of competing options, such as comparing the costs of different approaches for recycling the same material (such as recycling cardboard with or without using a baler); the results and costs for recycling alternative types or mixtures of materials; the cost of existing disposal practices versus potential practices; or the cost of recycling materials in-house (such as cleaning and repelletizing plastic scrap).

The program, which includes four case studies that demonstrate the cost model, runs on both Windows and Macintosh computers and is $99 plus $5 shipping and handling ($10 for Canadian orders, varies for other countries). It requires Excel 5.0 or newer. Buy the program from Green Solutions by contacting Rick Hlavka: 360-897-9533; 360-897-8923 (fax), or