Eco-efficiency is a management philosophy that encourages business to search for environmental improvements that yield parallel economic benefits. The eco-efficiency module is designed to capture interest, to inform and to engage on issues surrounding eco-efficiency at different levels within an organization. The module contains a background briefing paper designed to give a comprehensive overview of eco-efficiency and a resources section with case studies, quotes and references.

There are three learning units -- understanding, exploring and implementing -- with a combination of conceptual and practical tools and methods.
  • The Understanding unit introduces the concept of eco-efficiency through a range of basic exercises around definitions, drivers and trends.

  • In the Exploring section, participants can understand eco-efficiency and seek to deepen their skills and knowledge through dilemmas and case exercises, applying different approaches and solutions.

  • Implementing will teach participants how to take stock of current performance and to integrate eco-efficient decisions into an organization.
Note: The file is quite large -- 2 MB.