Website: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This report outlines the U.S. EPA's list of best practices for companies that dispose of unwanted electronics; these guidelines can also be used as a procurement tool for companies seeking environmentally friendly electronics recyclers.

From the introduction to the report:

Customers want a simple means of verifying that an electronics recycling company is forthright and responsible about how it manages used and end-of-life electronic equipment. At the same time, responsible electronics recyclers want a means of highlighting their values and performance to customers.

The purpose of this document is to take a first step in addressing this situation –- to develop a commonly accepted set of R2 practices for the electronics recycling industry. Accredited certification programs -- by verifying an electronics recycler adheres to these R2 practices -- will enable customers to make better informed decisions and have increased confidence that their end-of-life electronic equipment will be dealt with in a responsible manner.

The R2 practices set forth herein are not legal requirements and do not replace electronics recyclers' legal obligations. Electronics recyclers that adhere to this set of R2 practices are doing so on a voluntary basis. If a requirement of this document conflicts with an applicable legal requirement, the recycler must adhere to the legal requirement.