Website: U.N. Global Compact

This tool, created by Deloitte in partnership with the United Nations, lays out six steps that any organization can follow to start and maintain a path toward social and environmental responsibility.

The Model was released on the 10th anniversary of the Global Compact, and offers guidance for any company, regardless of its size, location or relative experience with environmental and social issues.

The six steps are as follow:

Commit: Leadership commitment to mainstream the Global Compact principles into strategies and operations and to take action in support of broader UN goals, in a transparent way.

Assess:Assess risks, opportunities, and impacts across Global Compact issue areas.

Define: Define goals, strategies, and policies.

Implement: Implement strategies and policies through the company and across the company's value chain.

Measure: Measure and monitor impacts and progress toward goals.

Communicate: Communicate progress and strategies and engage with stakeholders for continuous improvement.

More information about the Global Compact is online at, and for more information about Deloitte's history with the Compact, see