Website: The Paper Life Cycle

This website assists companies in making informed, environmentally responsible decisions about purchasing, selling and using paper products.

The Paper Life Cycle at was created by Metafore, a collaboration of stakeholders across the paper supply chain. Metafore is a program of GreenBlue, a nonprofit institute that spurs the creative redesign of industry to support sustainability.

Resources at the site include interactive graphics, trend reports and in-depth articles covering a range of topics: climate change, forest practice management, recycling, illegal logging, energy use, product performance and environmental stewardship.

Contributors and reviewers of the website include the World Resources Institute, the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, the American Forest & Paper Association, Procter & Gamble, Canfor Pulp, Catalyst Paper, Boise, Sappi Fine Paper, Time Inc. and 3M as well as the Corporate Forum for Paper and the Environment, which is a partnership between Metafore and members of the Forest Products Association of Canada.