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Lisa Gansky

The Mesh

Gansky is, at heart, a marketect and "impact junky" with a strong interest in breaking the edges of formerly happy business models and bringing together not-so-likely characters in the form of new offerings, teams and partnerships. As CEO, co-founder and chairman of Ofoto, she drew on her entrepreneurial spirit and experience developing global web services. Gansky & the team worked to develop Ofoto into a world-class consumer services offering which she left once Kodak Gallery reached over 45M customers in 2005. In addition to her roles at Ofoto and Eastman Kodak, she was a Co-founder and CEO of GNN, the first commercial website, acquired by AOL in 1995 where she then directed Internet Services for AOL through 1997. She has been an investor and board member of more than twenty internet and mobile services companies. Currently, Gansky serves as an advisor and investor in Convio, Greenbiz, Instructables, Me Please, New Resource Bank, Nuko, Squidoo, TaskRabbit, TasteBook, and Dos Margaritas, an environmental foundation.