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Automation, changing consumer appetites and the heightened focus on sustainable agriculture cultivate new interest in urban and indoor growers.
It's not just about growing more food and using fewer inputs. It's also about creating local, adaptive food systems that can withstand the effects of climate change.
Key learnings from the UPS fleet electrification project outside London.
But for electric vehicles to become mass market products, batteries need to improve.
Shared bikes and scooters can contribute to lowering transportation emissions, but they can also have a more immediate impact on cities: equity.
In just two years, this new green finance vehicle has generated more than $108 billion in issues.
New approaches, from CO2-sucking materials to regenerative agriculture, were in the spotlight at VERGE 19.
A new report highlights the lasting danger of pollution in our seas — but also the opportunity to remove and innovate with the resources that get dumped there.
More consumers than ever are trying alternative proteins. But will they make them part of their diets?
From ceremonies to harvesting and food storage, to political leadership, to gender relations, indigenous groups have detailed understandings of how design societal institutions to support resilience. But colonialism changed that.