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Plus, meet the latest addition to the GreenBiz editorial team, Associate Editor Deonna Anderson.
Incremental change in agriculture is not moving quickly enough.

It’s time to build this concept into our cultural and behavioral norms. Here are five things to consider.

We must make sure that increasing the efficiency of our industrial systems doesn't lead to more consumption.
The current ordinance will have a very narrow impact on developers, but it is encouraging other cities to move forward. Meanwhile, companies are taking electrification into their own hands.
The company uses sensors to provide data about a product's shelf life.
Brewing giant Carlsberg debuted new bottle prototypes made from sustainably sourced wood fibers, which it claims are fully bio-based and recyclable.
Including a national clean energy standard.
Installations covering municipal and rural county critical facilities, especially fire stations and water districts, are an important first step.
It may sound a bit like alchemy to create building blocks out of thin air, but plants and algae have been doing essentially the same thing for hundreds of millions of years.