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Embedded within the economic and technological challenges apparent in the debate over climate change are much deeper cultural divides.

The climate-smart agriculture campaign is using a host of measures to keep farmers ahead of the impacts of rising temperatures and unstable weather.

The tech giant contributed $300 million to speed up deployment of solar energy.

Evolving our outdated utilities will take more than updating the infrastructure. It requires a shift in how we present and price these vital services.

It sounds crazy, but self-sufficient communities in the middle of the ocean could help relieve the pressures of a rapidly-growing global population.

Are you up-to-date on what the current Congress is doing for (or to) businesses? Here's where three major issues stand.

World's largest public relations firm walks away from the gas and oil industry, including the $327 million American Petroleum Institute account.

In this powerful team-up, non-profit GRID Alternatives will use SunEd's cash and panel donations to get 4,000 low-income workers installing solar.

Meet the Silicon Valley startup looking to change the math for businesses interested in increasing energy efficiency with new tech tools.

Leaders from business, government, academia and the non-profit community met in the nation’s capital for the Climate Leadership Conference this week. These were the action items.