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The $500 million offering connects the coffee giant with dozens of new investors. What else does it mean?

The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday declared that jet engine exhaust endangers public health by contributing to climate change, a key milestone as it works to develop regulations that will cut carbon emissions from commercial aircraft.

Large commercial jets account for 11 percent of all emissions from the global transportation sector. Aircraft emissions are expected to grow by 50 percent by 2050 as demand for air travel increases.

Increasing urban consumption contributes massively to deforestation, a major source of emissions, despite growing sustainability efforts.
For power providers, it starts with a more thoughtful approach to building new plants.
Find out three opportunities that might make the industry cheaper and its footprint smaller.
Midwest row crops, including corn for cereal and soybeans in mayonnaise, are increasingly farmed sustainably.
The path to greener courses includes embracing brown fairways to conserve water, and preserving out-of-bounds areas to protect wildlife.
Election season may be upon those in the U.S., but several important policy battles over food and climate are going on that demand business attention.
The site's multinational perspective should be useful for companies investing in renewables in several countries.
The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance seeks to solve worldwide challenges of clean energy and low-carbon investments.