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Geoengineering and environmental technologies are the vaccines author Thomas Kostigen believes we need to cure the planet’s ills.
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Will this upheaval slow clean energy goals? There's strong reason for optimism.
"We must find other avenues for progress."
Restaurants are struggling across the U.S., which is affecting local producers. But many companies are acting quickly to minimize food waste and some farms have seen a surge in online orders.
Local farmers could be part of the key to helping to prevent extinction.
With school closures and companies mandating employees to work from home, the facilities management company's food waste reduction efforts have even more relevance.
With the pandemic spurring a dramatic drop in economic activity across Europe, electricity, renewables and carbon prices have also plummeted
Now is exactly the right time to channel this spirit on behalf of an even more existential threat, the climate crisis.
The burgeoning Solar Sheep movement argues: Why not both?