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For an industry that relies heavily on natural resources such as clean air, soil and water, becoming more environmentally friendly is not just a marketing ploy — it is a necessity.
On this week's podcast: Inside Al Gore’s Climate Reality training, and a digest of our World Water Day stories.
If the crown prince's radical experiment succeeds, this huge oil-producing nation could become the world's biggest impact investor.
Getting from the "what" to the "how" on lifting 1 billion people out of energy poverty means going to the roots of a complex issue.
It’s one thing to read about huge plastic gyres in the middle of the Pacific. It’s another thing to stare the actual plastic in the face.
Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental and Marriott are participating in a 12-week pilot aimed at prioritizing prevention.
Transportation experts are studying a range of options, from new low-emissions zones to better methods of transferring cargo from ships to railways to trucks.
In the face of shortages, water recycling and reuse strategies may be necessary to ensure business continuity.
Apana, Shell and Veolia use circular principles to retain and recycle water used in farming, fracking and washing machines.
Zero Mass Water is just one of the innovators providing access to safe, drinking water off the grid.