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What's the buzz at the World Economic Forum? Plus, GreenBiz Executive Director Shana Rappaport reads between the lines of Starbucks' new "resource positive" pursuit.
A look at the two states’ policies show they have, to this point, prioritized different approaches to spur on electrification.
And we need innovation to tackle the climate emergency.
Bold new commitment will see the tech giant charge an internal carbon fee not just on emissions from its direct operations, but on those of its supply chain.
Our finance department measured the "before" of our office’s single-use plastic, and implemented improvements right away.
The first fabric made entirely in a laboratory, nylon is most often found in activewear, swimwear and other technical performance garments because of its durability and useful stretch properties.
The sense of crisis is growing, along with the actual climate crisis.
The new world of risk includes the physical and economic impact of climate change and the unknown path of future technology.
The most widely used fiber in the world, polyester accounts for roughly half of the fiber market overall and about 80 percent of all synthetic fibers.

Solar panels may harness the sun’s energy in the same way that plants do, but while some rural residents view them as another revenue-enhancing crop, others see them more as weed-like nuisances that threaten their pastoral way of life.