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Often, the best technology innovations are the ones that are virtually invisible.

There’s a battle raging over the ownership of PG&E Corp., one of the nation’s largest utilities, with cities, hedge fund managers and even customers all in the running.

They're a win-win for building owners, utilities and society at large. Plus, there are ways for everyone to get involved.
Virginia roads will be the proving ground for an energy storage resource that some utilities fear and others are eager to see succeed.
It's critical for sale, capacity and turning information into action.
The plant is set to produce fuel made from waste and residue streams, such as used cooking oil sourced from regional industries.
Incident commanders and emergency managers can make more informed decisions in high-stress situations.
There's a relatively small number of naysayers about your sustainability program. Ignore them.
New utility and third-party offerings are emerging to meet charging needs, but they are not available everywhere.
Sobering report from Institution of Mechanical Engineers warns governments and businesses are ill-prepared for sea level rises expected this century.