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With 4.4 million fellows and growing, the EDF program is an invaluable resource for sustainability leaders in the making.
The Supply Chain Transparency report highlights how nine industries go beyond cost, quality and delivery to earn customer trust
The country wants to get 35,000 megawatts of electricity onto its grid by 2020, but where to start? An experimental data-collection project could point the way.
Mitigation requires systemic social change, not just technological optimism.
EVs can replace nearly 90 percent of vehicles, but there are a few roadblocks on the way to California's 2025 emission-free car goals.
Governments in Tanzania, Rwanda and Sierra Leone are studying "minigrids" enabled by solar and battery advances. But generating costs must become much more competitive for them to become truly viable.
No clothing brand intended for their synthetic products to be discharged into the environment in the former of tiny bits of plastic. Now that they know, they must step up and tackle the problem.
Companies such as Airbus, Boeing and easyJet rethink air travel's environmental impacts.
General Mill's CSO Jerry Lynch and new sustainable sourcing director, Kevin O'Donnell, tackle ambitious 2025 emissions reduction goals and more.
One primary concern in rural areas: higher temperatures put strain on water and energy sources.