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Millions of parents have come to rely on single-serve fruit squeezes, but the packaging piles up in landfills. Here's how GoGo Squeeze and Gerber are reinventing their packaging toward greater recyclability.
Emulating the natural process plants use to convert sunlight into energy could bring benefits in efficiency not just for power generation, but for energy storage.
From packaging to ecosystem rehabilitation, mycelium — the root structure of mushrooms — has a lot to offer.
COVID-19 is a dry run for climate catastrophes.
A new group aims to create a roster of professional sports figures evangelizing for public engagement on the climate crisis.
Can we extend that meme to climate change and make it as ubiquitously understood and accepted as it is for the coronavirus?
Research shows three factors keep consumers from choosing products that are better for the environment: confusion; trust gaps; and not enough information. Here's how to get around that.
As the federal government seeks to bail out the industry, environmental advocacy organizations urged Congress to ensure that any financial aid for cruise lines come with strings attached.
That's according to a BloombergNEF report that calls policy support for the hydrogen economy "insufficient."
Amid the global pandemic and economic meltdown, the profession of sustainability inside companies seems to be moving apace.