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A wrap-up of recent research on sustainable business and the clean economy.
The output of desalination plants is a mere fraction of what it the world could use. Using the sun to convert seawater into drinking water could be key.
The current crisis shows in unequivocal terms that frontline and shop-floor employees surviving hand to mouth will be disproportionately affected when the climate crisis hits.
If we have the chance to start anew, why would we want to rescue and lock in unsustainable systems and industries for another generation or more?
Sharing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind during a pandemic. But countless thousands are rising to the occasion.
The business leaders and companies who use this moment to be creative are the ones who will not only weather this storm; they’ll be the preferred brands of the future.
How efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19 have reflected air quality in the San Francisco Bay area.
Toyota has been a long-standing advocate of fuel cell vehicles. Now it's partnering with its truck and bus focused subsidiary Hino Motors Ltd. to develop and test the new model.
Traditional strategy constructs don't capture the interconnectedness and complexities of the living ecosystems that companies are inherently entangled in today. Here are suggestions for an update.
Applications in packaging and other products are beginning to gain momentum.