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As the state pursues renewables, it's also a matter of doing more with less energy.
We should seize the opportunity presented by the Department of Energy's grid study to ensure tomorrow’s electricity markets work in service of, not contrary to, our society’s goals.
How do know what is meaningful to a particular person, organization or system? In a word, we must listen.
In this week's episode, the GreenBiz team reports on the ground from the VERGE Hawaii 2017 conference.
The impacts of climate change and benefits of the transition to renewable power are far from evenly distributed, for now.
The Aloha State's energy goals include not just transitioning to 100 percent renewable power by 2045, but doing so in a way that is equitable for its many rural inhabitants.
We need a better understanding of the circular economy, and chemical engineers might hold the answer.
Google's Urs Holzle, the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance and John Goodenough have the imagination and capacity to make the impossible possible for renewable energy.
Taking advantage of $15 billion in annual tourism spending while also ramping up local sustainability efforts is no easy task.
The technology could make it easier for companies and communities to analyze the huge amounts of data expected from sensors in cars, roads and other new transport devices.