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The stakes are high — how can we ensure the new nationally determined contributions raise confidence that we are on track to a 1.5 degree C world?
There’s a new tide of global awareness rising about the critical role of our oceans in climate mitigation and adaptation.
Programs should be nurtured to have lasting effects, rather than serving as short-term band-aids.
The main goal of this 'implementation COP' is to fill in legal and technical details left undefined in the Paris Agreement.
Some of the solutions, especially for last-mile delivery, could be just down the road.
The conference provides an opportunity for countries to continue to build momentum ahead of 2020, which could lead to more ambitious climate commitments.
Sponsored: Companies are working with nature to reach their corporate carbon targets.
The negative consequences could be both financial and reputational, and should be of particular concern to the traditional fossil-fuels energy supply chain.
What will it take to support sustainable agriculture in the United States? A new generation, for starters.
From vertical farms to fish caves, new technologies aim to boost food production and vanquish hunger.