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Manufacturers such as BSF, Dow and Eastman are racing to develop recyclable, reusable and durable materials with which to build the future.
Companies such as Aquafil are biting at the chance to recycle more than 700,000 tons of discarded marine gear that threaten marine life.
Gundersen Health Systems became the first U.S. hospital to reach renewable energy independence, saved $3 million and improved community health.
Are we wasting time busily shoehorning the uncomfortable realities of Earth system science into increasingly obsolescent economic and business models?
A new study argues that companies fail to take into account the way emissions fluctuate throughout the day.
On this week's podcast: L'Oreal banks on women to lead the climate fight; protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline cause international banks to divest.
These five videos bridge the divide between science fiction and our transportation reality.
Brexit throws up countless uncertainties for green businesses, but they should not be allowed to paralyze decision makers.
Books are a $28 billion industry in the U.S. One employee-owned publishing house is turning the public conversation towards sustainable living.
Benefits of the circular economy go beyond reductions of waste and carbon emissions to real business advantages. Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Accenture and UL EHS are building metrics to prove them.