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Fifteen global brands pledged to find replacements for polystyrene, expanded polystyrene and PVC. What's next?

The following article is excerpted from our State of Green Business (SOGB) 2017 report. Published by GreenBiz in partnership with Trucost, it provides a global view of the year's trends in sustainable business.The report is free to download here.

Sponsored: Only in understanding what landscapes mean to each actor operating within it, can solutions to negate deforestation be implemented.
Innovators such as TerraVia and Ridley Corporation are racing to ensure plenty of fish in the sea for future generations.
Portland State University's learning journey from a veteran education center to a national champion of sustainable scholarship.
On this week's episode: We talk about the findings of our State of Green Business report 2017; Richard Eidlin from ASBC and Vince Digneo of Adobe let us in on their plans for navigating our new political reality.
How companies such as MasterCard and Barclays are integrating U.N. Sustainable Development Goals to open business opportunities.
Fereshteh Forough, founder and president of Code to Inspire, aims to bring Afghan women into the tech industry — while empowering their economic and social advancement.
Energy is now a resource that can be optimized with enterprise benefit. Energy companies are taking lessons from tech to offer energy-as-a-service.
Distributed energy resource (DER) valuation, electric vehicles and alternative capital planning are front of mind for grid innovators.