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The 11 Most Off-the-Wall Stories in 2011

Whether these were surprising moves by companies or governments, unexpected green angles on the news, or our annual "Earth Day Fail" roundup, presented below are some of the most surprising stories of the year.


BAE Systems' Bid to Design a Greener, Next-Gen 'Tank'
By Leslie Guevarra

BAE Systems is in the running to deliver a design for a hybrid-electric, next-generation ground combat vehicle -- don't call it a tank -- as part of the Army's effort to modernize its armored fighting vehicles.


Why the All-Electric Leaf May Not Be Your Greenest Fleet Option
By Matthew Wheeland

Although electric vehicles are flooding the marketing -- and shoppers are finally climbing on board -- but new research suggests that deploying Leafs in large numbers may swell your fleet's carbon footprint.


Good Vibes' Ecorotic Ratings Provide a Green Index for Sex Toys
By Leslie Guevarra

The San Francisco-based firm brings a green lens to its adult products.


Toxie Awards Name Flame Retardant Worst Chemical of the Year
By Tilde Herrera

In a red carpet ceremony in Los Angeles Thursday, the second annual Toxie Awards honored bad actor chemicals for their ubiquity and negative impacts.



7 Earth Day Pitches That Made Us Cringe

Don't get us wrong. We're glad that more and more products and services are available these days to help people consume fewer resources, reuse or repurpose the stuff they have, or recycle it. Sometimes, however, these pitches just go too far.


San Francisco Moves to Ban Yellow Pages
By Matthew Wheeland

The city would continue its environmental initiatives by forbidding phone-book distributors from delivering the Yellow Pages without obtaining prior consent from homes and businesses.


Del Monte Debuts Plastic Wrap for Single Serve Bananas

Del Monte's new single-use banana packaging has tongues wagging on the Internet.


Why Eating Organic is the Single Greenest Thing You Can Do
By Marc Gunther

Maria Rodale, CEO of the Rodale Inc. publishing empire and the scion of America's first family of organics, talks about the many personal and planetary benefits that choosing organically grown foods can have.



Two-Thirds of Americans Support Phaseout of Inefficient Lighting
By Leslie Guevarra

An EcoAlign survey of 1,000 Americans on attitudes toward energy efficient lighting and policy turned up some surprising results.

Oil Instability Leads Spain to Cut Speed Limits, Boost Biofuels
By Matthew Wheeland

In the wake of oil price increases after uprisings in the Middle East, the Spanish government is taking steps to make citizens and businesses cut down their oil use.


Death of Old-Style Lightbulb Forces Easy-Bake Oven Makeover
By Leslie Guevarra

The pending ban of traditional lightbulbs, which spurred the lighting industry to introduce more energy efficiency products, has led to the redesign of a classic toy -- the Easy-Bake Oven.

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