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The 2019 sustainability year in review, in haiku

A baker's dozen of developments.

Back by popular demand, smart cities consultant Sue Lebeck provides GreenBiz highlights from the past year in verse. You'll find her haiku from 2018 here.

GreenFin Firsts
The journey begins.
Conversations start
Decision-useful language.

Toys from used plastics?
Insulation from jeans? Please
Tell them what you’ll make.

The Fashion of Fashion
Circular ID
Reinvents the clothing tag,
Keeping quality.

Cool through Community
Cultural fabric
could make climate change simple
Enough to solve. Hope?

On Track
Blockchain tracking can
Make your carbon removal
credits credible.

To Fly — or not to Fly?
Eyes on Greta as
Flygskam takes flight. Easy to
Reduce. Hard to quit.

Microgrid Moment
Wildfire safety shines
Light on the power of the
Local microgrid.

Democracy on the Farm
As AI tech scales
Farming wisdom, twenty-one
Tools drive equity.

New Carbon Economy
ARPA-e urges
Carbon removal. Markets
Are worth a trillion.

Riding on Sunlight
By rail, bus, car, bike
and truck, cities from coast to
coast electrify. 

ESG assets
under "smart beta" see growth:
70 percent.

Blue COP, Bad COP
While disrupted and
Disappointing, efforts press
On as time runs out.

Friends and Family
Talking ‘bout climate
May be more welcome this year.
Happy Holidays!

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