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Who should be on the 2022 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 list?

30 Under 30 2022

Nominations for the 2022 list officially closed on March 14, 2022. Individuals selected for the cohort will be contacted confidentially in April and May. We'll open up the nominations process for 2023 in January of that year.

Over the past six years, we've identified more than 180 individuals making their mark in corporate sustainability roles, as entrepreneurs, financiers, energy specialists, food systems disruptors, circular economy mavens, climate techies and more. Now, we're looking for 30 more rising leaders to celebrate as the 2022 cohort of the GreenBiz 30 Under 30. Hence, the headline question: Who should be on the 2022 GreenBiz 30 Under 30 list? 

The official definition of "leader" coalesces around a person's ability to influence or inspire others. This quality, as we all know, doesn't automatically correlate with someone's title, experience or age. Leadership is about courage, conviction and a collaborative mindset. Witness the dramatic impact of the global youth climate movement, which has galvanized interest and actual progress more quickly in the past three years.

Early-career professionals are bringing that same energy, enthusiasm and evangelical spirit to the profession of sustainability, no matter their actual job description. We expect to recognize a diverse class of nominees, in the many senses of that term, including culturally, ethnically and geographically. We have much to learn from different perspectives.

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