21 on Twitter: The Big Green leaders

21 on Twitter: The Big Green leaders

An assortment of environmental group logos and leaders' faces
Can you match the faces with the NGOs? Maybe after you follow them on Twitter you will.

Whether activists are friends, frenemies or outright foes of your company, you need to keep up with their campaigns. Don't wait for your PR guru to alert you when whispers about your brand become shouts on social media; follow these NGO leaders directly on Twitter.

Here are 21 heads of Big Green groups as well as the groups they lead, in random order. Links to the Twitter accounts for their organizations are included as well. While we’re on the topic, check out our new Big Green series of interviews with them.

For more folks to follow, try our list of GreenBiz corporate sustainability Twitterati. Please email us with suggestions for other must-know names to follow in the world of corporate sustainability.

Klout scores appear for the individuals below, or for an organization if its leader is inactive on Twitter. Note that most of these organizations' Twitter accounts have higher Klout scores than their leaders' do.

1. Jamie Rappaport Clark, president, Defenders of Wildlife

Klout score: 48

2. Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund

Klout score: 53

3. Annie Leonard, executive director, Greenpeace USA

GreenBiz Senior Writer Heather Clancy checked in with Leonard when she took the helm. Klout score: 58

4. David Yarnold, president and CEO, Audubon Society

Klout score: 47

5. Collin O'Mara, president and CEO, National Wildlife Federation

Klout score: 50

6. Peter Lehner, executive director, Natural Resources Defense Council

Klout score: 50

7. Mark Tercek, president and CEO, The Nature Conservancy

Tercek explained the desire for “truly transformative assignments” to GreenBiz recently. Klout score: 66

8. Michael Brune, executive director, Sierra Club

Klout score: 63

9. Jamie Williams, president, The Wilderness Society

Klout score: 37

10. Carter Roberts, president and CEO, World Wildlife Fund

”We don’t just want to produce a big report and be done with it,” Roberts told GreenBiz in February. Klout score: 49

11. Peter Seligmann; founder, chairman and CEO; Conservation International

Seligmann shared his disdain for corporate “pirates” in this GreenBiz interview. Klout score: 41

12. Andrew Steer, president and CEO, World Resources Institute

Klout score: 46

13. Erich Pica, president, Friends of the Earth

Klout score: 49

14. Ken Cook, president, Environmental Working Group

Klout score: 49

15. Cristián Samper, president, Wildlife Conservation Society

Klout score: 48

16. Andreas Merkl, CEO, Ocean Conservancy

Klout score: 64

17. Andrew Sharpless, CEO, Oceana

Klout score: 54

18. Trip Van Noppen, president, Earthjustice

Van Noppen doesn’t appear to use an individual account on Twitter. Klout score for Earthjustice: 81

19. Kathleen Rest, executive director, Union of Concerned Scientists

Rest doesn’t appear to use individual account on Twitter. Klout score for the UCSUSA: 70

20. Tensie Whelan, president, Rainforest Alliance

Whelan doesn’t appear to use an individual account on Twitter. Klout score for RA: 83

21. Jules Kortenhorst, CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

Klout score: 41