3 services that simplify sustainability reporting

3 services that simplify sustainability reporting

From collecting data to filling in forms, these 3 services ease sustainability reporting.

As companies are increasingly asked or required to supply information on their sustainability performance, corporate reporters are faced with a range of challenges, from collecting and analyzing data from disparate sources to compliance with a variety of reporting frameworks.

On top of that, the traditional tool for managing the reporting process — the spreadsheet — becomes cumbersome as data gets more complex. And yet many big software solutions are cost prohibitive.

Three sustainability reporting services, described below, represent something of a “sweet spot” between those two extremes, offering simple, accessible tools to streamline data management with the ability to adapt to your company’s evolving sustainability initiatives and changing reporting requirements.


OneReport was launched way back in 2003 to combat the “survey fatigue” being experienced by many corporate reporters who were fielding a growing amount of data requests from the socially responsible investment community. This cloud-based reporting system was developed to streamline management of the query, data collection and distribution processes.

OneReport consolidates data requests from more than 20 of the world's leading research and ratings agencies and frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and CDP. This enables you to select only the metrics that matter to your company and avoid duplicating information. It also eliminates the need to manually search for overlap in questions and responses.


OneReport provides the tools to collect data; track changes within and across reporting cycles; and share comments for internal or external collaboration, direct reporting or self-publishing.

A frequent challenge for reporters is herding people within the company responsible for the required data, so OneReport includes data management tools that help the user engage and delegate the appropriate colleagues and input, approve and review any data to be shared outside the company. OneReport also incorporates creation, reference and storage tools that allow companies to preserve and centralize their collected data for future use.

OneReport Matrix

One report helps you leverage the commonalities among information requests for leading external frameworks and ratings organizations or your own reporting needs.

The collected data can be sent as password-protected data feeds to all requesting parties in the formats required by each organization. You also can self-publish the data to your company's website.

OneReport offers three tiers of subscription and service options that scale to an organization’s needs.

Scope 5

Co-founded by former Microsoft architect Yoram Bernet and entrepreneur John Daly, Scope 5 was designed to help companies more efficiently and transparently track their sustainability performance and reduce costs. This cloud-based service allows company reporters to easily manage an array of sustainability-related data including emissions sources (everything from waste management and energy use to employee commuter and travel data), as well as social and other performance data and supply chain sources.

Sustainability data can be collected manually, uploaded via .CSV files or pulled in through integration with your company’s existing systems. Because the data is centralized in the cloud, it’s available on demand for stakeholders no matter their location.

Scope 5

Scope 5 tracks facilities operations and other sustainability-related data.

Scope 5 also simplifies analysis of data by converting it to performance indicators such as cost, usage and emissions and producing pre-defined intensity metrics, such as emissions per employee and dollars per product manufactured, as well as those defined by the user.

Scope 5 generates reports for common standards including GRI, CDP and TCR as well as regulatory filings and surveys, and you can run multiple reports from one set of data.

Scope 5 offers a Jump Start program to new clients that includes a range of support services for the first year.


Measurabl is the brainchild of the former director of sustainability solutions for CBRE, the world's largest commercial real estate services firm, to address a common pain point among companies with a portfolio of commercial buildings: meeting the reporting requirements for energy and water use and other sustainability information. This self-defined "TurboTax for sustainability" aims to make the process a lot more turnkey.

Currently targeted to real estate investment trusts and big retail developers, Measurabl uses a wizard-like approach to simplify reporting for the industry’s Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

Measurabl add data

Measurabl's wizard-ike interface makes it easy to import data from mulitple sources.

Once you create an account, you can select from a few options to start adding data. Measurabl recommends using Energy Star as the primary data source — adding an Energy Star account makes all associated buildings available for reporting in minutes. Alternatively, you can use the Utility Sync tool to fetch data directly from a building’s provider; Measurabl analyzes the data and pushes it to your Energy Star account. You also can transfer spreadsheet to data Measurabl’s “building template” and upload it.

When it’s time to create a report, Measurabl walks you through the process and helps ensure accuracy by prompting you with alerts when you’ve omitted information or otherwise made a mistake, simplifying complex questions and offering sample answers to help you tailor the best response.

Measurabl preview report

Measurabl tracks your progress so you know when you're ready to submit your report.

Measurabl’s CDP tool is in pilot, and developers are working on adding additional frameworks including GRI and broadening its market to include other corporations, large municipalities and government agencies.

Measurabl offers a free trial and subscriptions start at $400 per month.