9 great green and business podcasts to check out

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As an intern for GreenBiz, I have the cool job of doing the back-end technical production of the podcast GreenBiz 350. Part of that job means listening to a lot of other podcasts. So I know: Plenty of popular business podcasts are out there — Freakonomics, NPR Planet Money, Marketplace and Startup, to name a few — as well as countless programs covering environmental topics.

However, GreenBiz 350 is unique for occupying the niche space at the intersection of corporate business, sustainability and technology, with exclusive interviews and a knowledgeable editorial voice.

Our hour-long program is packed with clips from interviews we’ve done, with conversations with our reporters about stories they’re covering and interesting behind-the-scenes looks into the GreenBiz world. It’s a great way to catch up on the week, and enables you to go beyond the headlines with the people following the news cycle the closest. We release new episodes every Friday morning, so you can listen at work, on your commute or at home.

Highlights include an interview with NASA astronaut Cady Coleman on sustainability lessons from space, CNN’s Crossfire contributor Van Jones speaking about including the urban poor in green solutions at our VERGE conference, and Al Gore's appeal to business at COP21. So check out the full episode archive on our site or — even better — subscribe to GreenBiz 350 on iTunes, and let us know what you think.

If you’ve listened to GreenBiz 350 and are hankering for more, here are nine other podcasts GreenBiz readers might enjoy. All the picks in the list are free, well produced, available on iTunes and currently producing episodes.

1. The Energy Gang

Arguably the most popular podcast on the renewable energy landscape, Greentech Media's Energy Gang functions as a weekly touchstone for industry professionals. Each hour-long episode features discussion and debate by three hosts: Senior editor at Greentech Media (and former VERGE speakerStephen Lacey; clean energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton; and SunEdison founder Jigar Shah. With guests they explore the political, regulatory and market landscape of energy. Topics on heavy rotation are music to any energy and policy wonk's ears: regulatory policy; energy efficiency; and the solar industry.

2. Sierra Club Radio

This half-hour program from the environmental nonprofit features a new guest every week. Interspersed with discussion of conservation news and green lifestyle tips is coverage of developments in business and politics, with a perspective tilted toward conserving the wilderness. 

3. Climate One

This hour-long weekly program is compiled from recordings of panel conversations in front of a live audience at  the Commonwealth Club of California. The public affairs forum, based in San Francisco, has been running since 1903. Climate One features academics, industry directors, policy makers, organizers and other experts on wide-ranging climate topics. Recent episodes include EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on the importance of a carbon price for climate change mitigation, PG&E CEO Anthony Earley Jr. on renewables and T. Boone Pickens, CEO of BP Capital Managemen, on the future of oil.

4. Green is Good

Green is Good airs out of Portland every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Host John Shegerian is the CEO of Electronic Recyclers International. Each episode comprises a 10- to 20-minute interview with a professional. The guest is often a corporate or government leader speaking about their personal road to sustainable thinking and how they implement environmentally conscious decisions in their work. Example: "The Bioplastic Solution for Food Packaging with TIPA's Daphna Nissenbaum."

5. 60-Second Earth

This listing breaks the rule of being currently active (the last post was in February) but Scientific American magazine’s 60-Second Earth podcast website is a treasure trove of quick-hit reports on more peculiar sustainability topics, such as the effect of the gold industry on tropical fish, the environmental impact of the rose industry and the effect of dandruff shampoo on waterways.

6. Costing the Earth

The BBC offers its weekly radio segment on anthropogenic impacts to the environment as a podcast. Each 27-minute episode investigates a single news topic, ranging from the legal recourse of climate refugees, to the promise of geothermal energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, to the dire state of the world’s amphibians. Hosted by the BBC News Rural Affairs Correspondent Tom Heap, this show demonstrates the smooth accent and engaging cadence characteristic of the modern BBC voice. It is often recorded on-site, resulting in a full soundscape of chirping birds, bubbling rivers, buzzing bees and the occasional snorting pig.

7. Ethical Business Podcast

This entertaining 20-minute program features interviews with international entrepreneurs who share their sustainability stories and tactics with the aim to inspire innovative thinking in its listeners. Ethical Business Podcast is hosted by two Australian start-up entrepreneurs, Melanie Palmer and Ross Townson, both of whom had previously worked in international development for the Australian Government. Topics include the creation of a clean supply chain, health-conscious products, waste reduction and fair labor practices, and the focus skews to startups and small and mid-size businesses.

8. Living on Earth

Produced by Public Radio International for weekly broadcasting, but also available online as a podcast, Living on Earth is a classic, narrative-driven public radio presentation of international climate policy and environmental news.

9. The Climate Minute

This semi-weekly, 20-minute digest of climate news is provided by the Massachusetts Climate Action network and is hosted by the activist organization's president, Ted McIntyre. He and his guests discuss news on climate change, renewable energy and policy. The show often highlights a local climate news issue in the United States, such as a fracking gas leak or a local climate activist organization’s project, and may interest listeners who would like a peek into the climate activist's perspective.