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Apple Stores Ditch Plastic Bags

Apple's retail stores are cutting out plastic bags, and are instead offering to hold merchandise at stores until customers are ready to pick it up or assist customers with carrying large purchases to their cars, reports AppleInsider.

In recent years Apple has taken a number of green steps across its operations, expanding its product recycling program, cutting toxic materials out of products, switching to aluminum casings, making computers that are highly energy efficient, reducing packaging and being more vocal about their environmental efforts.

Apple just recently launched a mac Mini that uses less than 13 watts when idling and earned EPEAT's Gold rating, and has unveiled notebook batteries that can last up to five years, about three times longer than most laptop batteries.

But along the way, Apple also faced criticism, from competitors who says its claims are misleading to shareholders demanding that it publish corporate social responsibility reports.

Apple bag - CC license by psd

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