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Beyond-Compliance Study Probes Printers

The print industry will take center stage as the first subject of a series of benchmark studies to forecast trends among the world’s 2000 largest companies toward “beyond compliance” environmental and sustainability practices.

Nima Hunter, a quantitative market researcher for leading graphic arts manufacturers, publishers, service providers, and associations, announced it is conducting what it calls the "Greening of Print" studies (, to be released in 2002.

According to Nima Hunter, the printing, packaging, and publishing industry generates more than $1 trillion in annual revenue worldwide, depleting paper, petrochemical-based materials, and energy, and producing waste. Costs to companies and communities are compounded by the industry's use of potentially hazardous chemicals, the cumulative impact of which can be substantial, affecting air, water, and land.

And despite efforts undertaken to increase the amount of power generated from biofuels, the U.S. pulp and paper industry is still the third largest user of fossil-fuel energy in the manufacturing sector, and the printing industry uses millions of tons of ink, toner, solvents, coatings and adhesives predominately based on petroleum.

The range of company involvement in addressing such problems is varied, with many firms under regulatory scrutiny; others complying with regulations; and others working beyond compliance.

Banking on The Extra Mile

According to Don Carli, president of Nima Hunter, more companies are recognizing that compliance alone is not sustainable.

“Increased emphasis on sustainability by the Global 2000 will compel supply chain managers and corporate buyers to purchase equipment, paper, ink, supplies, and printing in manner that extends beyond what is required of them by regulatory law or industry convention,” Carli said.

The Global 2000 are the world’s 2000 largest companies, as defined by annual revenue.

The Greening of Print study will survey 900 purchasing decision makers and 300 graphic arts sales and marketing executives, and include more than 100 in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with editors, authors, securities analysts, designers, consultants, scientists, and regulatory officials.

Nima Hunter, Inc., located in New York City, has conducted qualitative and quantitative market research for leading graphic arts manufacturers, publishers, service providers and associations since 1986.




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