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Blogger: Upgrade to Snow Leopard, Help Green the Planet

Want a simple way to help green your computer? If you're a Mac user, upgrade to Snow Leopard. Upgrading to that operating system may save plenty of money and electricity every year, says a prominent blogger.

Seth Weintraub, blogger for Computerworld, has calculated that upgrades to Snow Leopard may save people a total of $5 million a year in electricity bills, and 50 gigawatts of electricity.

Weintraub bases his calculations on testing done by CNet, which found that Snow Leopard is more efficient in its use of electricity, and will save 10KW of energy a year on a 17-inch Apple Macbook Pro. He says that Apple will sell at least five million copies of Snow Leopard a year, and based on that, and CNet's calculations, came up with his total electric savings. In fact, he says, CNet may have underestimated the total amount of savings, so the savings could be more.

Now, I know that Macs and Snow Leopard are not for data centers, and Macs are primarily used by consumers, rather than people in business. But still, there are some businesses that do use Snow Leopard. Will this amount of energy saved changed the world, or an enterprises electric bill to any great extent? Certainly not. But every little bit helps, and this one takes no effort at all, aside from the upgrade.

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