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Boulevard Brewing Adds Aluminum Packaging

Boulevard Brewing Co., a specialty brewer whose beers can be found throughout the Midwest, has started bottling its most popular beer in aluminum.

The company's Unfiltered Wheat Beer will be available in aluminum bottles for the first time - it already comes in glass bottles or barrels - starting April 1.

While the company mainly added the aluminum in order to offer the beer in places like golf courses, stadiums and concert venues that don't serve glass bottles, it also provides a greener packaging option.

Aluminum is lighter than glass, it can be fully recycled and most aluminum manufactured contains about 40 percent recycled content. On the recycling market, aluminum even carries a higher cost than glass.

Boulevard has already packaged 2,700 cases of the beer in aluminum bottles, which have the added benefit of being completely compatible with the brewer's existing bottling equipment.

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