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California Utilities Lead the Charge in GHG Management

San Diego Gas and Electric and The Southern California Gas Company have elected to implement a companywide data management system for tracking and reporting on greenhouse gases.

The Greenhouse Gas Suite software, produced and marketed by Environmental Software Providers, will help the utilities manage its greenhouse gas inventory and reduction projects by providing auditable, certifiable greenhouse gas emissions data for reporting to the registry and for other voluntary greenhouse gas reporting. Both utilities are members of the California Climate Action Registry, a voluntary registry organization for greenhouse gas emissions.

“[We are] committed to protecting and conserving the environment, and we try to demonstrate this commitment by implementing specific programs that produce concrete results,” said Deanna Haines, environmental services manager for SDG&E and SCG. “As such, we’ve been using ESP software to manage our regulatory compliance program since it first became available. The software has done a terrific job for us, and we’re pleased to take a step forward by adding greenhouse gas management to our overall environmental management program.”

The utilities’ decision to implement Greenhouse Gas Suite comes on the heels of the U.S. DOE’s November 26 release of proposed new 1605b General Guidelines for voluntary greenhouse gas reporting. Greenhouse Gas Suite, which has been helping participants in the 1605b program manage their voluntary greenhouse reporting for the past year, provides off-the-shelf capability for entity-wide analysis and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, fully in accord with the proposed new DOE guidelines.

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