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Calpine is First Independent U.S. Power Producer to Certify and Report GHG Emissions

Calpine Corporation has successfully certified its greenhouse gas emissions inventory with the California Climate Action Registry, becoming the first independent power producer to earn the CCAR’s distinction of Climate Action Leader. Calpine is now publicly and voluntarily reporting its GHG emissions from generation of electricity in California under this registry program.

Calpine’s certified GHG emission report for 2003 is available through the Registry’s Web site. Calpine is one of the world’s largest producers of renewable geothermal power and is the North American leader in generating electricity from clean, fuel-efficient, natural gas-fired power plants. The company is among the nation's largest electricity generators, capable of producing enough energy to power more than 20 million homes.

“Being at the forefront of environmental accountability is a priority for Calpine and taking inventory of our carbon emissions profile is one of the first steps in finding new ways to manage our carbon dioxide emissions,” said Neal Pospisil, Calpine’s vice president of safety, health and environment who oversaw the reporting effort. “Having a third party certifying that inventory further ensures that Calpine’s reporting meets objective, uniform standards.”

Calpine is recognized nationally as a leader within the energy sector for its environmental stewardship. Last month, Calpine CEO Pete Cartwright was recognized as “Business Leader of the Year” by Scientific American for his commitment to low carbon technologies. Calpine is also a member of EPA’s Climate Leaders program and Sustainable Silicon Valley, a voluntary program to reduce C02 emissions in Silicon Valley.

The California Climate Action Registry is a nonprofit public/private partnership established by the State of California to encourage early reductions of GHGs. Organizations that are willing to meet the accounting standards and third party certification requirements of the registry show their serious intent to address climate change.

Starting next year, all of the electric power companies and utilities in the registry program, including Calpine, will also report efficiency metrics along with their inventories. One of these efficiency metrics will show GHG emissions per mWh of delivered electricity. This will allow for easy comparison of power companies’ climate impact regardless of entity size. It will also enable tracking of carbon intensity over time, complementing existing entity-wide absolute emissions reporting to paint a fuller picture of a company’s environmental performance.

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