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Canadian Telecom Plans LEED Data Center

A $500 million capital plan announced by Telus includes a new flagship data canter that will be build in line with LEED standards.

The Canadian telecom is investing in advanced wireless and wired broadband infrastructure in British Columbia, adding onto the $19 billion in capital and operating expenses it has made in the province since 2000. The new plan includes expansion of high-speed Internet and digital TV access, and a roll out of its new wireless network.

The data center is planned to serve clients both within British Columbia and across the nation. Although Telus plans for it to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, it has not set a standard level that it is seeking, but said the center will be at least twice as energy efficient as existing data centers. The center's LEED rating will be determined by the Canada Green Building Council.

A site for the data center has yet to be chosen, but Telus is aiming to have it completed by 2011.

Data center - CC license by gruntzooki

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