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Carbon War Room Rates Efficiency of 60K+ Ships at New Data Hub

The nonprofit Carbon War Room has rated the greenhouse gas efficiency of nearly every big oceangoing vessel in the world, which will be searchable in a new data hub designed to help ship owners, operators, ports and stakeholders make better, more efficient shipping decisions.

With a few clicks of a mouse, users can access the efficiency rating of nearly all of the world's container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, cargo ships and cruise ships at The ratings are organized on an A to G scale using a methodology from the United Nations International Maritime Organization called the Energy Efficiency Design Index.

"The aim of our shipping operation is to catalyze a step change to a profitable but truly sustainable industry," Peter Boyd, the Carbon War Room's chief operations officer, in a statment. "Greater transparency of vessel efficiency and emissions is a vital element of the solution. We believe that the relative rating of clean and dirty ships will provide the market signals needed to remove barriers preventing capital flowing to clean technologies and make gigaton-scale reductions in emissions a real possibility."

The Carbon War Room unveiled the data hub at the COP16 climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico. The group, which also presented the inaugural Gigaton Awards Saturday to honor corporate carbon cutting efforts, estimates current technologies can improve shipping efficiency by more than 30 percent.

According to the group, shippers will be able to use the information to select more efficient vessels to ship their cargo, which will hopefully incentive ship owners to invest in fleet efficiency. At the same time, ports can use the data to offer incentives to cleaner vessels as part of individual clean air strategies.

"The Carbon War Room has been advocating the need for business to play a leading role in the fight to reduce carbon emissions," said Sir Richard Branson, co-founder of the Carbon War Room, in a statment. "The data hub for shipping will help the key players in the industry and their customers make better decisions for their businesses and ultimately the planet."

Image CC licensed by Flickr user jgmorard.

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