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CBS Expands EcoAds' Reach to Fund More Green Projects

CBS is bringing a program that funds environmental projects with advertising dollars to its various ad platforms.

Last year, CBS purchased EcoMedia, a company that for eight years directed portions of companies' ad expenses to energy efficiency, building retrofit and renewable energy projects.

The company continues to do the same at CBS with the launch of the EcoAd across CBS' TV, radio, online and billboard ad offerings.

When companies purchase an EcoAd, which will carry a leaf logo, some of the money from the ad will be diverted to go to local projects.

Recent EcoAd fund recipients include a solar installation at the Long Beach Airport and an energy efficiency retrofit at Miami's City Hall.

Other projects funded by the EcoAd include ocean and watershed protection, tree plantings, water and energy conservation, and buildings projects at schools, municipal buildings and housing.

The initial advertisers and partners as part of the EcoAd launch at CBS are Avidia Bank, Chevrolet, Boston Scientific, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, PG&E, Pacific Coast Termite, Port of Los Angeles, Safeway and its O Organics brand, and SunPower Corp.

Hear what some of the companies and partners have to say about EcoAds in the video below.

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