Changing the game in 2015: A green business review in haiku

Changing the game in 2015: A green business review in haiku

Green business sets the stage for transformation and innovation. To celebrate, we continue our new tradition of one haiku roughly for each month of 2015.

Transformation Mantras 
Net-zero, nervous
systems and circling up: more
livable cities!

inspired by drought: river-run
streets and "Pure Water."

Help for Nervous Systems 
City Protocol 
lays foundations. Smart city 
senses show the way.

Circling Waste
A world-class sailor
energizes a circu-
lar economy.

PPPs prevail
in cities’ summits, multi-
plying benefits.

Hawaii becomes
a VERGE lab. Next?  The first all-
renewable state.

100 Percent
From cars to Coke: biz
demands its energy all
green. Let markets thrive!

New Options
CCAs make green
choice a personal play. Choose
green power at home.

The Building Climate
Nega-watts remain
most green. Buildings must slash e-
missions, energy.

Future Ride
Driverless cars and
hyperloops for safe, fast and
green rides: coming soon?

Changing the Climate
Terror hits Paris
but COP21 prevails. 
Change can’t be denied.

Way to Grow
Decoupling begins!  
This trend can show the way to 
a Happy New Year.