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Christmas Decorations Get Trashy

The brains behind worm poop-based fertilizer continue to find new uses for waste, this time putting a holiday spin on repurposed trash.

TerraCycle has started using reclaimed Capri Sun juice pouches and Chips Ahoy cookie wrappers to make Christmas tree skirts (shown above) and stockings. And it continues to make fire logs out of wax-coated cardboard that was previously used to ship produce.

Most of the food and drink packaging the Trenton, N.J.,-based company uses is extra material manufacturers couldn't use, like packaging tied into a promotion that can only be displayed for a certain amount of time. Wax-covered cardboard can't biodegrade or be recycled, so Terracycle uses heat and pressure to form it into easy-lighting logs.

The new holiday items are just a small sample of what TerraCycle has done with waste. The company collects over a half-dozen types of consumer product packaging - including soda bottles, energy bar wrappers and corks - and turns them into bags, school products or packaging for its fertilizer, bird feeders, cleaners and other products.

The tree skirts and stockings are available only through Home Depot's website, and the fire logs are available at Target stores.

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