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The circularity news we’ll be following in 2023

A good excuse to spend some time nerding out.

Collage of steel mill, person in zero waste store and home demolition

Images via ABCDstock, Demetrio Zimino and Maksim Safaniuk on Shutterstock

The end of the year is a time of reflection. And this year part of the circular economy crew — Senior Editor Deonna Anderson, Vice President and Senior Analyst Jon Smieja and Director of Design Strategy and Senior Analyst Suz Okie — at GreenBiz did some reflecting in audio format. (That’s in addition to Okie’s thorough rundown of the top three circularity trends of 2022.)

When it comes to the circular economy, there’s a lot to consider — resale, packaging commitments, new business models, circularity-enabling policy. But we only had our self-imposed 30-minute limit. With that in mind, we each chose a topic of interest that we’re pondering right now: products made from carbon, deconstruction over demolition and reuse in cities. We provided an overview of the subject, then discussed the details that we’ll be paying attention to in 2023.

Listen up, and then let us know what circular trends you’ll be keeping a close eye on in the next year. Share your thoughts on Smieja’s LinkedIn post.

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