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Cisco Debuts the 'Mediator' to Connect and Control Smart Buildings

Networking giant Cisco has rolled out its Building Mediator -- the firm's bid to connect and control smart buildings and their automation systems in order to better manage energy.

The Cisco Network Building Mediator, pictured below, connects HVAC, lighting, security and other buildings systems that use energy to Cisco's EnergyWise platform. Serving as a high-tech bridge, the device integrates the protocols of proprietary building automation systems and, in effect, translates them to Internet protocol.
Image courtesy of Cisco.

The Mediator is the first solution to emerge from Cisco's Smart Connected Buildings initiative.

The company described the device as a key component that will help realize Cisco's vision of Smart+Connected Communities [slideshow]-- a nimble and highly scalable network of smart grid technology that would connect building systems across a portfolio or a community and beyond.

The connectivity and the resulting access to vast amounts of data, according to the company, will "transform the way buildings are built, operated, and experienced."

The Cisco Network Building Mediator made its public debut last week at Cisco Live, the firm's annual IT and communications conference in San Francisco.

There were a number of quiet early adopters, however, including Sunnyvale company NetApp.

The leading manufacturer of enterprise storage reduced its electricity consumption by more than 18 million kilowatt hours, saving more than an estimated $2 million in energy costs, during 18 months of using the Building Mediator at its Sunnyvale campus, NetApp's head of site operations and a key controls engineer said in a video released by Cisco.

Images courtesy of Cisco.

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