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The clean economy needs more vocal corporate advocates

"There is an underlying problem here, and that is that the cleantech community’s message was buried in the last election. So why did the promise of a 21st century clean economy — and all the jobs that go with it — why is this message about this powerful emerging economic sector getting overshadowed?"

In this episode culled from a VERGE 17 mainstage session in San Jose, California, policy expert Nicole Lederer, president and co-founder of Environmental Entrepreneurs, challenges businesses to speak up about a wide range of federal and state-level regulatory issues — especially when it comes to policies about renewable energy and clean tech investment.

Joining Lederer in this discussion are U.S. Representative Jared Huffman (D-Calif.); Jon Powers, co-founder of CleanCapital and the former White House chief sustainability officer under President Barack Obama; and Michael Terrell, head of energy market development at Google.

Watch a video of the entire session, and read about what’s at stake.

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