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Cleaning Up Transportation With Natural Gas and Electric Bikes

<p>New natural gas findings by Israel could drastically shift the country's reliance on imported fuels, while the U.S. struggles to develop a nationwide natural gas infrastructure for alternative-fuel vehicles.</p>

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The Israel Connection: Offshore Natural Gas

Israel is heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels for energy, but that may be about to change. Chief Correspondent Tyler Suiters takes a look at Israel's efforts to find and develop offshore natural gas. He interviews Israeli government officials and energy industry executives about several recent finds, including the “Leviathan” field, an offshore resource in the Mediterranean Sea that is redefining how the nation produces its electricity. He also looks at Israel's search for alternatives to oil, to power its cars and trucks.

Taking Charge: The Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor

Most people take for granted the vast network of pipelines and gasoline pumps that fuel our cars and trucks. But what if the transportation-fuels industry had to start from scratch? That's the problem facing the backers of the Interstate Clean Transportation Corridor. Correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan explores the “chicken-and-egg” challenge of building a network of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas filling stations across America's West. He talks to corporate officials responsible for building the stations and the fleets of natural gas-powered trucks that will use them.

energyNEXT!: eBikes

The bicycle is the most popular form of transportation in the world, outnumbering cars by about two to one. Now innovators are adding an electric motors to give bikes an extra boost. Special Correspondent Josh Zepps takes a look at the evolution of the electric bike, or e-bike, its popularity overseas and how the concept is catching on in the U.S.


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