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Clorox and Sierra Club Announce Branding Partnership

GreenWorks, Clorox's first new product line in two decades, is the first line of natural cleaners developed by a major consumer products company. To commemorate this launch, Clorox today announced an alliance with the Sierra Club that will feature the club's logo on labels starting around Earth Day, in exchange for an undisclosed payment to the group.

Green Works is at least 99 percent natural and made from ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil. The products are formulated to be biodegradable, non-allergenic, packaged in bottles that can be recycled and not tested on animals. The Green Works line includes five household cleaning products: an all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner, a dilutable cleaner, and a bathroom cleaner.

Natural products represent less than one percent of the total cleaning category. According to Green Works Brand Manager Matt Kohler, category growth has been limited largely because of consumers' concerns over product performance and price. "Many natural cleaners are double the price of traditional brands, but in the end do not clean well," he said.

According to consumer research, 43.8 percent of consumers said they want to use more natural household cleaning products, but the products need to get the job done. In lab and blind consumer in-home testing, all Green Works products performed as well as, or better than leading conventional cleaners.

As the first natural cleaner with national distribution, Green Works will move natural cleaning into the mainstream. Its affordability also enables consumers to take a step toward living a more natural lifestyle without paying a significant premium price.

"For generations, The Clorox Company has been committed to making products that improve consumers' everyday lives," said Don Knauss, chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company. "The addition of Green Works to our brand portfolio means more cleaning choices for consumers on neighborhood store shelves."

"One of the Sierra Club's primary goals is to foster vibrant, healthy communities with clean water and air that are free from pollution," said Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope. "Products like Green Works help to achieve this goal in the home. We're looking forward to working with Clorox and the Green Works team to promote a line of natural cleaning products for consumers who are moving toward a greener lifestyle."

"Our partnership with the Sierra Club is significant for Green Works but also for The Clorox Company as we continue the focus on our sustainability efforts," said Knauss. "Industry plays an important role in environmental conservation. We are looking forward to working with the Sierra Club so that we can continue to be part of the solution."

Green Works products will be available at food, drug and mass retail outlets nationwide starting this month.

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