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Companies are leveraging science and technology for water stewardship — here's how

The relatively new Science-Based Targets initiative (officially, the partnership between CDP, United Nations Global Compact, WRI and WWF) already has begun to change the way that companies approach — and take action on — sustainability.

Companies are increasingly applying these paradigms as they look towards water stewardship. Today, water scarcity is a prevalent barrier to achieving desired economic, social and environmental goals. But seizing the circular economy opportunity — and leveraging technology to drive better water management — helps ensure that businesses can grow to meet the increasing demands of the world for years to come.

At VERGE 18 in Oakland, California, executives discussed their corporate strategies for water sustainability. Todd Brady, director of global public affairs and sustainability at Intel, Pedro Sancha, senior vice president at Nalco Water, a subsidiary of EcoLab, and Michele Whyle, senior director of client engagement from the sustainability program at Land O’Lakes, sat down with GreenBiz editorial director Heather Clancy.

Watch the video here.

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