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Con-way Freight Slows Down Trucks to Save Fuel

Con-way Freight is slowing down its 8,400 trucks to curb its gas consumption and carbon emissions.

The transportation company says it turned back the speed governors on all the vehicles in its fleet, allowing the truck engines to run at 62 miles per hour at most instead of the previous maximum of 65 miles per hour.

Con-way provides less-than-truckload transportation, a service that combines small freight shipments from multiple companies into one. The company estimates it will cut its diesel fuel use by 3.2 million gallons a year and its carbon dioxide emissions by 72 million pounds. Con-way, which provides trucking throughout North America, uses 100 million gallons of gas a year.

The switch is part of Con-way's commitment under the voluntary SmartWay Transport Program, a partnership between the U.S. EPA and freight industry businesses with the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 33-66 million metric tons and nitrogen oxide emissions by 200,000 tons by 2012.

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