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Center Stage Podcast

Creating a cultural sea change

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. This episode: Daniela Fernandez from the Sustainable Ocean Alliance on the mandate to make the seas — and our lives — clean.

Daniela Fernandez wants to know: How can we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation? What technologies can address the challenges facing our oceans? How can we redefine the relationship between emerging technologies and social good?

Fernandez is on an inspirational journey to save our oceans through technological and entrepreneurial solutions. The organization she founded, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, is working on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal No. 14, established during the Paris Agreement to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas,and marine resources for sustainable development. In this podcast, she talks about how she got started, how she scales impact and more.

Watch here.

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