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Dairy Industry Set to Measure Milk's Carbon Footprint

The dairy industry has emabraked on a sustainability initiative that will document the carbon footprint of milk to identify opportunities for innovation and efficiencies.

The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) will team to address sustainability within the dairy supply chain of producers, processors, manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

“We want to be sure that our industry is well-positioned to take advantage of future opportunities –- both in terms of credits for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as developing new products and markets for milk,” said NMPF CEO Jerry Kozak. “Importantly, this initiative will help identify opportunities for dairy farmers to generate additional revenue from emerging energy markets through methane capture and other innovations. We also recognize that sustainability needs to be defined in a comprehensive way that acknowledges the socioeconomic benefits that dairy farms can provide,”

In the end, the sector hopes to build dairy sales by elevating dairy products to a preferred status among a growing number of environmentally and socially responsible consumers.

Aside from lowering energy consumption and milk production costs, the groups also plan to develop best practices for the production and marketing of milk and related products. The groups will take the results from the carbon footprint study to be peer reviewed and published in a scientific journal.

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