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Dell Expands E-Waste Partnership with Goodwill to Seven New States

Dell yesterday announced that its Reconnect partnership with Goodwill, which provides electronic waste recycling sites across the country, is expanding into seven more states, bringing the total number of states participating in the program to 18, plus the District of Columbia.

With the addition of new locations in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and West Virginia, and expanding service in Wisconsin, there are now more than 1,400 Goodwill sites that will take back a wide range of electronics for safe, responsible recycling.

“The Dell-Reconnect partnership with Goodwill is a great model for the technology industry," Jim Gibbons, the president and CEO for Goodwill Industries International, said in a statement. "The partnership has not only allowed us to responsibly recycle and divert more than 50 million pounds of electronic equipment from the landfills, but also create green-collar jobs and skills training at a time when both are very much needed.”
Reconnect e-waste donation locations.

Users can search for nearby locations on, and if no Goodwill recycling locations exist within 75 miles of the ZIP code entered, the site directs users to for alterative recycling locations, though there is no guarantee that e-waste donated at those alternative sites is processed domestically.

Dell last added new locations in its partnership with Goodwill back in February, when six more states joined the program.

And last month, Dell announced that it had adopted a no-export rule for all e-waste it collects. When discarded electronics are shipped overseas, they can be processed in unhealthy and environmentally dangerous ways. Because there are almost no regulations on the books for exporting electronics from the U.S., collection sites can sometimes be misleading in terms of what happens with the collected waste, as a recent investigation in Pennsylvania found.

For more on donating unwanted electronics through the Reconnect program, visit

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