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Dell Offers SMEs Tips for Greening IT Practices

All businesses should evaluate their operating processes and incorporate practical environmental measures, according to Dell Inc.

The company offered Computer Weekly a list of tips for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME) that are considering introducing green IT practices.

Dell first suggested that businesses program their printers to print double sided to reduce paper use.

The company advised SMEs to take a look at virtual working practices, such as allowing employees to telecommute and use "hot desks" when in the workplace. These types of practices can trim the need for office space, furniture and energy.

Investing in server consolidation and virtualization technologies can utilize existing hardware more efficiently, as well as cut energy usage.

Dell recommended the use of power efficient products, such as modern servers, which can use up to a quarter less energy than older products.

Finally, Dell encouraged SMEs to recycle or donate end-of-life equipment to ensure environmentally sound disposal.

Practices like these, Dell said, can cut the amount of energy companies use, therefore increasing the bottom line.

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