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Design Roundup: Gucci's Sustainable Packaging, Toothbrush Recycling Made Easy

<p>Read on for news on Gucci's greener packaging, Preserve's new program to make it easier for consumers to recycle its toothbrushes, and a new company getting into the carpet recycling game.</p>

Gucci has switched its shopping bags and gift boxes to recyclable materials, choosing only Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. The company has removed all plastic laminated materials from its packaging, will no longer used coated tissue paper, and also switched from polyester ribbon and garment bags to cotton versions.

Preserve, producer of products made with recycled #5 plastics, introduced new mail-back packaging for its toothbrushes. The new packaging, also made of recycled #5 plastic, also acts as a mailing pouch and comes pre-addressed to Preserve. The company is paying the postage for the first 250,000 toothbrushes sold, and after that, consumers will need to add a stamp to the packaging when sending it in. Preserve makes a range of home and personal care items with #5 plastic, which it collects from companies and consumers. The company also collects and recycles any product that it makes.

Vans' new 106 SF shoes come in hemp and recycled PET plastic versions, and both are made with water-based inks, waster-based glues and bamboo liners. The shoes' soles are made through injection molding, a process that reduces waste.

Modular Carpet Recycling Inc. opened a carpet recycling plant in Delaware that will have a capacity of 5 million pounds of recycled nylon resin. The company will collect waste carpet through the Carpet America Recovery Effort and turn it into nylon, which can be turned back into carpeting, by using a dissolution process instead of mechanical separation.

Bioplastic maker NatureWorks is providing its customers with open access to the formulation and compounding procedure for its Ingeo 3801X bioresin, a material intended for injection molding and can withstand high heat and impact. 


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