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DHL to Cut Emissions by 30 Percent by 2020

Deutsche Post World Net, parent of logistics firm DHL, has committed to reduce its carbon footprint by 30 percent by 2020 in a group-wide expansion of its current GoGreen scheme.

The plan includes a large-scale overhaul of the group's transport fleet, staff training and energy-efficient buildings. It will include an expansion of the Deutsche Post World Net's GoGreen carbon-offset shipping service and see the DHL Neutral Services offer consulting to other companies that want to reduce their carbon footprints.

The plan will take the group’s 2007 emissions as its datum point and also applies to DHL’s subcontractors.

"As the leading logistics provider ... we acknowledge our broader responsibility in the battle against climate change," said Deutsche Post World Net Chairman and Chief Executive Frank Appel. "Our GoGreen program will help us be the obvious first choice for customers who seek climate-friendly logistics."

Under the scheme, DHL will replace about 90 percent of its aircraft fleet with more fuel-efficient planes. It will also replace many of its existing vehicle fleet with hybrids, introduce route-planning software geared towards fuel-saving and train drivers in energy-saving techniques.

DHL’s depots and offices will be fitted with environmental controls to make them more energy efficient, and all 500,000 staff will be part of an awareness campaign to encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint at work and at home.

Monitoring the scheme will involve assessing, reducing and offsetting emissions. To measure its carbon footprint on a regular basis and publish the results, Deutsche Post World Net will set up a comprehensive carbon-accounting system. Each division has identified a number of business-specific measures to reduce carbon emissions that will be implemented in the coming months and years.

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