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DHL delivers emission savings with expanded LNG fleet

<p>The logistics giant is now the largest operator of LNG heavy trucks in Europe.</p>

DHL has become the single largest operator of dual-fuel heavy trucks in Europe after adding 63 new liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered delivery vehicles to replace its diesel lorries.

The logistics company's expanded fleet now consists of 101 LNG vehicles, while a further 51 are on order and set to hit the streets in the coming months.

Dual fuel technology allows natural gas to be used in conjunction with diesel, reducing total consumption of the fuel and cutting CO2 emissions by between 10 and 14 percent.

The company said adding the 63 dual fuel trucks to its fleet will avoid around 1,200 metric tons of CO2 each year at DHL's Bawtry site, where a dedicated LNG refueling station has been installed.

DHL also said the trucks will help it save money on diesel, which it says has risen in price by 43 percent over the last three years, while the technology is designed to help curb air pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

The company said the investment was the latest step in its global GoGreen commitment to reduce CO2 emissions 30 percent by 2020.

The move comes after DHL started trials of a prototype hybrid truck the company expects to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 25 percent compared to standard delivery trucks.

Ian MacAulay, innovation and business development manager at DHL, said the introduction of the new trucks provided further evidence of the company's "ongoing focus on sustainability and providing efficient solutions for our customers."

"We're delighted that the introduction of these new vehicles, now positions us squarely as the largest single dual heavy trucks fleet operator in Europe," he added.

This article originally appeared at Business Green.

DHL delivery truck image by Rob Wilson via

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