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DuPont Helps Bioplastic Stand the Heat

DuPont has developed a way to expand the use of bio-based plastics by making them more resilient to heat.

The company recently announced its Biomax Thermal 300 polymer modifier, which can make polylactic acid (PLA) packaging, remain stable in high temperatures. PLA, a biodegradable material that can be made from agricultural sources like cornstarch and sugarcane, tends to deform at temperature higher than 55° Celsius, according to DuPont, but the addition of the DuPont modifier can make PLA stand up to temperatures as high as 95° Celsius.

DuPont plans to release the modifier first in the U.S., then introduce it in Europe and Asia next year. The company previously developed a modifier that strengthens PLA to make it more durable.

PLA is one type of biopolymers being used by companies as replacements for petroleum-based products. Biopolymers are being used in various applications, including packaging, clothing, textiles, bottles, plates and utensils.

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