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Center Stage Podcast

Encouraging sustainability leaders to chase their moonshots

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. This episode: how do we make sure green business is not just lip service?

The idea of green business is gaining more traction than ever. From the global conversation about ending plastic waste to the mainstreaming of a circular economy to the proliferation of carbon removal technologies to ESG investing, sustainability professionals experience these "who’d-a thought" moments every day.

But there is more work to be done. Sustainability is complicated — and there's far more beyond the bumper sticker, 280-character-Twitter version. It's time to actually focus on the nitty-gritty of getting things done. 

Catalyzing change is hard, so people in this space need to be willing to do the hard work it takes to make changes happen. Sustainability professionals are trying to transform the world in order to maintain a certain way of life, and time is ticking. We're challenging the audience to think of their "moonshots," the "who’d-a thought" moments that they wish to see next year. 

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Technical direction for GreenBiz Center Stage by Isaac Silk.

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