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Environmentally Preferable Paint Earns Governor's Award

PPG Industries has received the Pennsylvania Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence for "outstanding commitment to environmental stewardship" for its new line of eco-friendly architectural paints. Pure Performance is the first premium paint to earn the independent, environmentally friendly "Green Seal Class A" certification, according to David C. Cannon Jr., PPG's vice president, environment, health and safety.

One of 41 winners for Environmental Excellence, Pure Performance paint provides the traditional features of premium paints -- durability, hiding and excellent touch-up -- while adding "outstanding environmental characteristics," he said. The paint is a low-odor, premium interior latex coating that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC). These qualities permit Pure Performance paint to be applied in occupied structures, including homes, hospitals, schools, retail and commercial offices, say PPG officials.

The coating also has an anti-microbial agent that prevents formation of mold and mildew on paint surfaces.

Introduction of the Pure Performance line of paints enables PPG's customers to eliminate about 400,000 pounds of VOC annually, since it replaces other paints containing VOC. Collectively, the winners of the 2002 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence have eliminated 2,192 tons of air pollutants; reduced solid waste disposal by 607,530 tons; conserved 7.9 million gallons of water; reduced energy consumption by 20.8 million killowatthours; while saving $12.8 million annually, according to the governor's office.

Two historic structures in Western Pennsylvania have been test sites for Pure Performance coating: the Rachel Carson Home in Springdale, and Frank Lloyd Wright's world-renowned Fallingwater in Bear Run.

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