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EPA Names Winners of Lifecycle Building Challenge

The major renovation of Haworth Inc.'s headquarters in Holland, Mich., reused or recycled 99 percent of its construction materials.

That includes 321 tons of steel recycled, 75 workstations donated and more than 58,000 tons of carpet tiles that were either re-installed, recycled or donated to local schools.

That project, headed by Mitch Boucher, was among a slew of winners announced Thursday of the "Lifecycle Building Challenge," the inaugural green building design contest co-partnered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Building Materials Reuse Association, American Institute of Architects and West Coast Green.

The organizations kicked off the contest in January for the following categories: building, component, and tools and service. In total, there were nine winners, including professional architects and students, as well as 13 honorable mentions.

Winners in the building category include Pavilion on the Park, a structure designed by David Miller for future transportation, reassembly and reuse in a new location; the GreenMobile factory-built housing units made for disaster relief from Michael Berk, a professor at Mississippi State University School of Architecture; and the groHome, a changeable modular housing unit from Texas A&M's 2007 Solar Decathlon Team.

Green-Zip-Tape Demountable Tape, a drywall tape attachment system to support reuse and deconstruction from Wayne Trusty of the ATHENA Institute, won in the components and service category, along with deconstructable and reusable composite slab from Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. of Wlatham, Mass., and guidelines for building with reusable materials from Aaron Tvrdy of the University of Nebraska.

Wayne Trusty of The ATHENA Institute won a second award in the tool and service category for an assembly evaluation tool while Keith Collum and Paul Sargent of California Polytechnic State University won for deconstruction engineer, a proposed new profession and degree profession.

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