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EPEAT Registration and Purchasing Gets Easier with EcoLogo Partnership

Adding more momentum to the green IT movement, the Green Electronics Council has joined forces with EcoLogo to make it even easier to certify and promote electronics that are energy efficient, easily recyclable and free of toxic chemicals.

The Council has joined its thriving EPEAT green computing certification program with EcoLogo, the widely known North American certification program managed by TerraChoice Environmental Marketing. EcoLogo currently certifies thousands of products across dozens of categories, from office supplies to bed and breakfasts; by joining with EcoLogo, the Green Electronics Council helps to further speed the adoption of green computer products.

"As growing numbers of computer purchasers worldwide select products that meet the EPEAT system's stringent environmental criteria, manufacturers are eager to register products in the system," Jeff Omelchuck, EPEAT's Executive Director, said in a statement. "This collaboration with one of the most well-respected environmental standards organizations enables EPEAT to increase our registration capacity and to forward our mission of greening the electronic product sector."

The EPEAT certification system rates computer monitors, desktop and laptop computers along 23 required and 28 additional optional environmental criteria in order to rank the products at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. The ratings take into account four key elements: energy efficiency, ease of recyclability, reduced or eliminated use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing, and the longevity of the products.

EPEAT launched in May 2006, and in the two and a half years following, the certification has grown in leaps and bounds. Last week EPEAT certified its 1000th product, and at the beginning of 2008, the federal government announced that EPEAT products would be mandatory purchasing requirements for three federal departments. The EPEAT label is also part of the Canadian National Master Standing Offer for IT equipment, and has been incorporated into a range of purchasing requirements for government, education, health care and businesses of all kinds.

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