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GreenBiz 350 Podcast

Episode 100: 'Retuning' our mindsets; charging up better storage

In our 100th episode: Why investors are bullish on sustainable infrastructure, what to expect from COP23, and how a diamond company helped build a nation.

Week in Review

Tune in 7:35 around for a weekly roundup of news.

1. Is it time to retune our mindsets?

2. Better storage holds promise in the commercial market

3. Investors bullish on potential for sustainable infrastructure

Featured stories

1.  Betting on Bonn (14:35)

COP23 officially kicked off this week in Bonn, Germany. Representatives from governments (except the U.S.) and the private sector (U.S. companies say #WeAreStillIn) will convene to implement rules on the Paris Agreement, create a five-year cycle to track progress and to study market-based contributions. Valerie Smith, director and global head of corporate sustainability at Citi, chatted with Heather Clancy before boarding a plane to Germany about her expectations and what she hopes to accomplish at the conference.

2.  Botswana bonanza (22:10)

Joel Makower spent last week in Botswana, where he attended De Beers' diamond conference and co-hosted a panel on how the industry helped facilitate the country's economic development. Here is a collection of voices from the field, from mining to midstream to market. 

  • Jean-Marc Leiderherr, CEO, Diamond Producers Association (24:20)
  • Peter Jin Hong, UX innovation expert, Google (30:35)
  • David Prager exec VP corporate affairs at De Beers Group 39:10

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